Artistic Contents
Agoràphonois an art-work composed by a multitude of Time Portrait and Time Portrait, in turn, is an art-work composed by a multitude Daily Thinking.
Daily Thinkingis a short self-video portrait, lasting around 10 seconds, where the protagonist records himself while saying a sentence that tells the essence of his thought/past/mood of that particular day.
The sum of Daily Thinking, so, becomes the synthesis and the substance of an individual’s life and showing in a condensed and defined time the curve of his life. 
If the project was made by a person since his birth till his death, we could say we captured his life and we have its scale representation (now the youngest protagonist is 3 years old and the oldest one is 75).
1 day = 1 thought 
365 thoughts = 1 year of life 
90 years of life = 30.000 thoughts
1 thought = 10 seconds
365 thoughts = 60 minutes
90 years of life = 200 hours
How the Time Portrait was born.
The project Time Portrait rises as an evolution of the already known Daily Picture Portrait, that is the phenomenon arisen and registered on the web that consists in making a self picture everyday and then setting in stop motion all the pictures showing, so, the physiognomic evolution of the individual, its growth, ageing, etc.
The Artist Angelo Bonello realized that just the picture was not enough to represent the allegory of one life, in fact, behind every single picture of every single day there was a thought, a past, a story that was lost forever.
So Bonellocontacted each protagonist of the Daily Picture Portrait and proposed them to transform their project into another one, more ambitious and complete; the Time Portrait: an artwork able to become a real portrait of the time and of one individual's past which combines picture and thought into a whole, unpublished in the human history.
The subscription was very high, in February 1st2012, Craig Stanton, from New Zeland, sends his first Daily Thinking. It’s the beginning of Time Portrait.
This concept is property of Kitonb Project, my work was to create the website of Agoràphono.
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